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What is coated or laminated leather?

Leather experts designate all leathers coated with a film as laminated or coated leather. Leather, which is coloured by spraying, is called pigmented leather.


Umfaerbung 01.jpg

Laminated split leather. Pigmentation in the spray process.


Handtasche-Lackleder-02.jpg Lackleder-Schuhe-01.jpg


Patent leather is usually coated with films.


Coated leather also includes film-coated split leather.



Foil coating on split leather and PU split leather.

Embossed split leather-01.jpg

The colour layer is as thick as a coating. It is pigmented and embossed split leather.

Frequently, coated split leathers are offered in the lower price segment. They are more susceptible to damage, are not particularly soft and are not breathable compared to leather used in high quality furniture. Advances in technology have also led to the development of high quality coatings which make it virtually impossible to tell the difference - even for leather experts.



PU split leather with a strong coating.




Suede with a textile coating.


Metallic leather is often coated to make the surface appear like polished metal. For this purpose, thin layers are applied that look like a polished metal surface.


Metallicleder02-11-2008.jpg Goldleder-Folie-03.jpg

Above: A crease has been folded during the coating process. Films on metallic leather are very thin.


Delamination of coated leather

Foil coated leathers have a higher risk of delamination compared to leathers without foil coatings. The delamination is the result of insufficient bonding of the coating with the fiber structure of the leather.

Leather foil detachment.jpg

The detachment of the foil with the foil still intact.


Coated split leather damage-03.jpg

Cheap coated split leather often tends to separation and damage of the foil or color layer.

Video about laminated split leather (PU split leather)

Video about the manufacturing of laminated split leather.

Video about colour separation of leather and dye transfer from leather

Dye transfer from leather and colour separation of leather.

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