Metallic leather

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Metallic leather

Metallic leather or Metallised leather is leather with a metallic look. Metallic effects are generally only found on smooth leather. Porsche car seats had metallic effects. Also, old American cars frequently used metallic leathers. Metallic effects are commonly used for fashion reasons in leather shoes, clothing and bags.

Lederfarbe-Metallic-bronze-01.jpg Metallic-gold-01.jpg Lederfarbe-Metallic-pearl-01.jpg Lederfarbe-Metallic-rot-01.jpg Lederfarbe-Metallic-silber-01.jpg

Metallic effects as an additive to the top coat can be purchased at the global partners of COLOURLOCK.


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Leather with a bright metal look

There are leathers that have a look of bare metal. Such optics are achieved by applying a foil with metallic optics to a smooth leather. For this purpose, thin layers are applied, which look like a polished metal surface. Such leathers are usually found in shoes, bags, etc.



Metallic sheet applied during the coating process. Metallic sheets on leather are very thin.


Metallicleder02-11-2008.jpg Metallik-02.jpg

Lambskin with foil in metallic optics for clothing.


Goldleder-03.jpg Metallik-08.jpg

Metallik-07.jpg Metallik-06.jpg

Cow leather with foil in metallic optic.


Leather with a metallic effect

Some leather only has a metal effect. On these leathers, there is a basic colour without metal effect, which is later covered with a top coat (clear lacquer) and a metallic effect. Such leathers only have a metallic shimmer and are usually found in the shoe, bag or clothing sector. But car leathers also occasionally have metallic effects.

Mercedes-titangrau-Metallic-01-leicht.jpg Mercedes-titangrau-Metallic-02-leicht.jpg

Mercedes-titangrau-Metallic-01-stark.jpg Mercedes-titangrau-Metallic-02-stark.jpg

Mercedes titan grey with a metallic effect. Right close-ups. Below, the effect is stronger. The applied amount of the metallic additive cannot be controlled precisely.


Porsche-Metallik-02-2008.jpg Porsche-Metallik-05.jpg

Porsche leather with a metallic effect in the Top Coat.


KFZ-Metallik-02.jpg KFZ-Metallik-01.jpg

Chrysler-300-Bj-1966-Met.jpg Chrysler-300-Bj-1966-Metall.jpg

US vehicles often have metallic effects.



Kuhfell-Kuhfell-Pigmentiert-Metallik-02.jpg Kuhfell-Pigmentiert-Metallik-03.jpg

Very exotic: Cowhide hair coloured with a colour layer which has a metallic effect.



Metallik-04.jpg Metallik-05.jpg

Very exotic: Cow leather with an extremely strong embossing and metallic effect.


More photos of metallic leathers

Lachs-Leder-Metallic-01.jpg Tasche-Goldleder-01.jpg

Leather wallet with a metal effect. - Leather handbag made of gold leather.


Ballschuh-Gold-um-1895-Offenbach.jpg Schuh-silber-01.jpg

Metallic leather shoes from 1859 and 2014.


Videos about the peculiarities of metallic effects on leather

The repair of metallic leather in the leather repair shop.


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