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At the end of the twentieth century, Lavalina leather was a popular aniline leather for furniture in the mid to high price range. It was treated with a strong oil and water repellent. This protection aimed to make the cleaning and care of pigmented leathers easier and maintain the naturalness and haptics of aniline leather. After about ten years however, some colours faded badly and grease stains in the hair and skin contact area were a particular problem, just like with all other aniline leathers.


New lavalina leather.




The original Lavalina leather was an intensive waterproofed aniline leather for furniture and got a typical Lavalina patina over time.


Today, Lavalina leather is still being processed by the car manufacturer Alpina. However, this is a semi-aniline leather with a pigment-based protective layer. Due to the pigmentation, the leather is significantly better protected against fading and grease stains. Unfortunately, it lacks the porosity of the first generation Lavalina leather. But, for the vehicle sector, this is a sensible compromise.

Lavalina leather is also available in the furniture sector. It’s a semi-aniline leather, which is made using a special production method called drum pigmentation.

Lavalinaleder.jpg Lavalina-nicht-Anilin-Fasspigmentierung-04.jpg

Lavalina leather used today by the car manufacturer Alpina and also the Lavalina leather in the furniture area is a semi-aniline leather.


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