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Apart from being used for practical reasons, leather has also been used extensively for art. Leather was decorated, painted and turned into an art object. The skill of leather workers to turn leather into beautiful useable objects is an art in itself. But there are many other hand artists who work with leather in many different ways to create art. Leather can be deformed, decorated with seams, painted, imprinted or embossed.

Often the transition of a simple leather object to leather art can`t be defined. When is a book cover, a leather handbag or a leather shoe an art object?


Stanley Au Leather Art from Hong Kong is a master of leather craftsmanship and leather art. A carved art work.


The art of carving leather.




Painted leather chair of Torsten Russ.



A wonderful filigree work of René Berends.


Lederfigur1.jpg Verformung-03-Ledermuseum-Offenbach.jpg

Sculptures completely formed of leather. Size about 1.80 meters. Origin unknown. - Sculptures of leather (DLM - German leather museum in Offenbach).


Lederbild01-Nubuk-Anilin-01.jpg Wandbehang-Südafrika-02-201.jpg

Leather picture made of nubuck and aniline leather. - Wall hanging (South Africa) in leather.


Lederkunst-Straussenledertasche-03.jpg Lederkunst-Straussenledertasche-04.jpg

Beautiful craftsmanship: Ostrich leather handbags (www.lederkunst.com).


Tasche-Japan-02.jpg Tasche-Japan-01.jpg

Japanese leather handbags with embossing and painting.


Stuhl-Praegung-2011-10-07.jpg Pergament-Hut-01.jpg

Very sophisticated embossing. - Cylinder made of parchment.


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