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Nappalan leather is nubuck or suede with a thin layer of colour applied. Usually suede leather from goats or lambs for clothing leather are finished this way. It makes the surface smooth as with top grain leather. Such leathers are very soft and particularly light-weight. They are referred to as "silk leather" and the finish is called "nappalan coating". On the internet, the term napalan leather with one "p" also sometimes appears.

Nappalan coatings can be applied to the flesh side of a fur or to suede without fur. Such leather sometimes is called "Nappato leather".

Nappalan-07.jpg Nappalan-06.jpg

On the flesh side coated lambskin of a jacket.


Nappalan-01.jpg Nappalan-03.jpg Nappalan-02.jpg

Goat suede is smoothed by a coating. In the close-up, the base structure can still be seen.


The thin colour layer is sensitive and makes the leather wear-sensitive (safety belt, carrying strap from bags). The surface is then visibly rough in such areas. The roughness of the suede under the thin layer comes back through. The coatings are available in matt and gloss finish.

Nappalan-04.jpg Nappalan-05.jpg

The surface can be re-roughened with little mechanical stress.


The same applies to dry-cleaning. Particularly when cleaning with solvents, the coating can dissolve, causing the entire jacket to feel rough again. Such damage cannot be repaired.

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