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On the internet, boxing gloves and bags made of skintex leather are commonly sold. Thailand is often the main country producing such items. This material is described in various different terms:

  • 100% leather skintex conception
  • 100% high-quality skintex leather
  • Material: skintex leather (high-quality synthetic leather)
  • Skintex, a high-quality imitation leather

Because of the description, it is assumed that it is artificial leather. The word "Tex" is mostly used for textiles. In this case, the term "leather" is incorrect. "Leather" may only be used if the material composition falls within the clear definition for leather identification. Skintex, is artificial leather. Therefore, it is advisable to check if the material is declared correctly.

In the case of artificial leather, the first three material descriptions would not be permitted. The consumer must be able to clearly recognise that it is imitation leather and not genuine leather.

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