Water buffalo leather - Buffalo leather

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Buffalo leather and water buffalo leather are usually sold as aniline leather. The skin structure of the buffalo has large-pores and this is evident in leather derived from it. Compared to normal bovine leather, the significantly coarser porosity is clearly noticeable. The fibre structure itself is also coarser. Buffalo leather has thicker single fibres, but is not so closely interwoven. It is nevertheless a stable and sturdy leather.


Bueffel-02.jpg Büffel-Wasserbüffel-01.jpg

There are 74 species of domestic buffaloes.




Buffalo leather has a characteristic, coarse grain structure. The hair pores are clearly visible.


Bueffel-004.jpg Bueffelspeckig.jpg

Buffalo leather in a BMW. Fading and stain sensitivity is typical.


BMW-Bueffelleder-01.jpg BMW-Bueffelleder-06.jpg

Therefore, the following generation of buffalo leather was pigmented to reduce fading and stain sensitivity.


Bueffelsitz.jpg Bueffelleder-Sessel-01.jpg

Water buffalo leather as furniture leather. With age, the leather fades, and becomes stain-sensitive.


Bueffel-003.jpg Schulranzen-Bueffelleder-01.jpg

Very old handbag made of water buffalo leather. - Water buffalo leather as a satchel from www.gusti-leder.de.


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