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LeatherNaturally - Leather Naturally

LeatherNaturally is an association of leading leather industry members that focuses on education and promotion of the natural material leather. Leather Naturally informs designers, creators and consumers about the beauty, quality and versatility of leather.

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The campaigns for vegan products, which are mostly made of plastic, put leather in the wrong light. Plastic is a major environmental problem in our time and leather is a by-product of meat production, which can be used as a natural product as long as meat is a consumer product.

The LeatherNaturally information is spread on several different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo and Pinterest. Detailed information can be found on the LeatherNaturally homepage.

An excellent summary of information on the history and modern manufacture of leather has been published by Leather Naturally, which is excellent for all types of leathermaking education. Download on: Guide to Modern Leather Making.

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