Rub off leather - Rub off finish

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Rub off leather - Rub off finish

Rub off leather or antique leather is usually dyed in a brighter colour by hand or machine, and a darker colour is swabbed over it, which produces its characteristic two-tone. These leathers are also called antique finish leather. The lighter colour at the bottom shines through the applied darker colour and gives the leather a characteristic patina.

The effect of the antique look can be controlled through the thickness of the darker shade on the lighter shade. The more the patina is applied, the darker is the overall look. The more irregularly it is applied, the more vivid is the look. The patina colour can be sprayed, dotted or wiped. Spraying the colour creates the most uniform appearance. An already applied colour can be changed by rubbing it off with solvents or by sanding down with and without solvents. The different application techniques and the art of distributing the colours give the dyer the ability to create a large variety of looks.




Without patina - slightly darkened - heavily patinated.



In this chair the darker patina colour was wiped on after upholstery work.


In the past, a Leather dealer used to sell leather which already had a dark colour over a lighter one. The leather was then used to upholster furniture and once on the furniture, it was partially wiped with the solvent to reveal the lighter colour underneath. This then created the patina.



Wiped with solvent to crate the desired patina by removing the lighter, upper leather colour.


Typical rub off leather looks

Depending on the intensity and thickness of the darker patina colour on the lighter background, it will give a different antique effect to the leather.

Patina-Effekt-004.jpg Patina-Effekt-005.jpg

Chestergross1.jpg Patina-Effekt-006.jpg

Patina-Effekt-008.jpg Patina-Effekt-007.jpg

Close up of the patina effect in rub off leathers.


Individual productions made in the leather workshop. Most antique leather nowadays is industrially manufactured.

Rub off leather-02.jpg

Rub off leather-01.jpg

Genuine hand-patinated leather from the leather workshop.


Car leather with antique effects



Car leathers with an antique effect are rare. Here is a Mercedes with a faded antique effect still visible in the hidden area.


Chesterfield furniture

Chesterfield sofa refers to a typical English-style leather furniture where buttons are sewn into the upholstery (armrests and backrest). Usually these are made of rub off leather with the appropriate patina appearance.


Chesterfield-106.jpg Chesterfield-105.jpg Chesterfield-104.jpg Chesterfield-103.jpg

Chesterfield-102.jpg Chesterfield-101.jpg Chesterfield-100.jpg

Current Chesterfield furniture.



Chesterfield furniture 01.jpg

Create a refined ambience: Chesterfield furniture.


Chesterfield-008.jpg Chesterfield-007.jpg

Old Chesterfield furniture with different patina.


Chesterfield-MC-Flugh-Mallorca-01.jpg Chesterfield-MC-Flugh-Mallorca-02.jpg

Chesterfield at McDonald's, Airport Mallorca.


Chesterfield-PU-01.jpg Chesterfield-PU-03.jpg


Cheap Chesterfield furniture with 5 seats for 1,200 € made of imitation leather in the outsides and PU split leather for seat and arm rests (02-2012).


Chesterfield-style in the car

The first closed motorised vehicles had benches upholstered in the Chesterfield style. The rich owners wanted to feel as if they were sitting in a comfortable room in front of a fireplace.


Chesterfield-Auto-01.jpg Chesterfield-Auto-04.jpg


Car seats in the Chesterfield look.


Additional information

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