Boarded leather - Boarded grain

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Boarded leather - Boarded grain

Boarding is a leather production process designed to reinforce and emphasise the grain of the leather. The tanned and dyed leather is rolled under pressure over an edge. The grain side is thereby on the inside (facing the board)and is compressed. The resulting folds in the leather are as durable as an embossing. The leather can be boarded from several directions, thus giving different grain textures.


Schematic description of the boarding. 1: roller, 2: leather, 3: boarding sheet edge.


Knautschlack-vorher-01.jpg Knautschlack-nachher-01.jpg

Flat and grainless patent leather turned into boarded leather.


Epi leather is a type of grain from Louis Vuitton which embossing reminds of boarded leather.


Epi leather-embossing of Louis Vuitton in Moscow.


Process steps in the leather production
Storage - soaking - liming - fleshing - splitting - pickling - tanning - neutralising - withering - sorting - shaving - dyeing (through colouring) and fatliquoring - drying - finish - softening - final check