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Carpincho skin is used as glove leather and has a pore structure similar to the peccary, a South American wild pig. In South America, this water mammal is called Capybara (Brazil) and Carpincho. Leather from this animal is included in the group of glove leathers which are commonly known as pig leather, although it is obviously not pig leather.

Pantanal-Capybara-03.jpg Carpincho-Münze-Uruguay.jpg

Capybara in Brazil. - Coin from Uruguay with Carpincho as motive.


Peccary skin consist of 3 bristle pores whereas carpincho skin has 5-6 bristle pores in a bundle. This makes it possible to distinguish between the two animal species.

Peccary-Leder-01.jpg Peccary-Leder-03.jpg

Leather and hair pores of the peccary with 3 bristle pores (


Carpincho-Leder-01.jpg Carpincho-Leder-03.jpg

Leather and hair pores of the carpincho with 5-6 bristle pores (


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