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Leather from chicken skin

Skin from chicken legs and feet is also used to make leather. They are very small surfaces. Skins from ostrich legs, are also used to make leather but they are considerably larger in size.

Technically, the term "chicken leather" (French canepin) does not actually mean leather from the chicken. Chicken leather usually refers to leather which has a whitish-grey colour, is thin and fine and usually involves the use of Sheep leather or goat's leather. It is mainly used for making ladies' gloves.

Hahn-01.jpg Huhn-Beine-01.jpg

Chicken legs on the live animal.




Chicken legs are a dish in China.


Huenerbein-07.jpg Huenerbein-06.jpg

Huenerbein-14.jpg Huenerbein-13.jpg

Chicken leg leather has a distinctive grain.


Huenerbein-12.jpg Huenerbein-09.jpg

Huenerbein-11.jpg Huenerbein-10.jpg

Chicken leg leather wallets must be sewn from many skins.


Ostrich leather

The entire skin of the ostrich is processed to leather. The ostrich leg has a striking structure. It looks like lizards or crocodile leather, but it's the chicken leg in a larger form.


The ostrich foot is the "big brother" of the chicken leg.


Duck leather

Also, the tanner does not stop at the feet of the ducks. Such a leather is an absolute rarity.

Entenfuss-03.jpg Entenfuss-01.jpg

Tanned skin of duck feet.


Turkey leather

Exotic: Leather of the legs of the turkey. Visually, it is very similar to the leather of chicken and ostrich legs. It is an intermediate size. It also very much resembles reptile leather. The leather is available in beautiful colours.

Truthahn-03.jpg Truthahn-01.jpg

Tanned skin of turkey legs.


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