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Russian leather is vegetable-tanned cow leather or calf leather with a thickness of about 1.6 - 3 mm.

Russian leather is mainly used for making shoes, bags or saddle goods.

Originally, this type of leather was tanned with willow bark or birch bark and greased with birch tar oil for waterproofing. The birch tea gives the leather its typical smoky smell (like smoked bacon).

Usually vegetable-tanned leather is not particularly waterproofed. But with birch tar oil, the water resistance can be achieved without greasing the leather excessively and without compromising the Breathability of leather. Shoes and boots from these leathers keep the feet extremely warm, at very low temperatures, and cool at warm outside temperatures.

Today, other vegetable-tanned leather is also called "Russian leather". For example, leather tanned with mimosa, tara or chestnut.


In German-speaking countries, Russia leather is known as "Juchten Leder" or "Juften".


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