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Leather watch strap - Leather watchband

Leather watch straps have a long and significant history closely tied to the development of the wristwatch itself. Originally, watches were worn as pocket watches attached to chains. It was only in the late 19th century that the idea of wearing watches on the wrist emerged. The history of leather watch straps began in the early years of the 20th century as an alternative to the often uncomfortable and stiff metal bands. The soft and flexible leather provided higher comfort for wearers. Today, leather watch straps remain popular and are seen as a symbol of luxury, although plastic and metal bands are widespread and make up the majority of watch straps.

In particular, watch straps of crocodile or alligator leather are popular. But there are also watch straps made of ostrich leather, lizard leather, shark leather, stingray leather, goat or sheep leather, cow leather, elk leather or snakeskin.

Leather watch straps have an upper and a lower leather. The upper leather is the visible side. The quality of the lower leather, which is in contact with the skin, is crucial for the lifespan. These straps are exposed to sweat due to direct skin contact. Sweat causes leather to decay with time.


Watch strap made of ostrich leather.



Full range of stingray leather watch straps of the stingray leather manufacturing company Pierre Guijarro, 78500 Sartrouville, France, p.guijarro@orange.fr.


Leather watch staps sea wolf.jpg Leather watch staps eel.jpg

Watch straps made of fish leather. Sea wolf and eel leather (Rece Watch Straps).


Leather watch staps deerskin.jpg Leather watch staps horsehide cordovan.jpg

Watch straps made of deerskin and horsehide (Cordovan) (Rece Watch Straps).




Watch straps made of stingray leather and salmon leather.




Made for customers from their leather: Elephant leather and black shark leather.




Shark leather with shutters made of mammoth tooth. - Toad leather.




Rumen leather. - sturgeon leather (caviar fish).



Biberschwanz 01.jpg

Made for customers from their leather: Hippo Leather and tail of a beaver.




Made for customers from their leathers: Kangaroo leather and pirarucu (fish leather).


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