The Blue Angel

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The blue Angel - Leather

The Blue Angel is awarded by the German company RAL GmbH for interior leather upholstery, in accordance with DIN 68871 and DIN EN15987. All approved leathers must fulfil all requirements of the RAL-ZU 148 "emission-poor cushion leather", for the entire life time of the leather. It focuses on an environmentally friendly production, a healthy product and safe disposal.

The most important requirements of the RAL-ZU 148 for the Blue Angel:

  • Only rawhide from farm animals for milk and meat production.
  • The leather is not permitted to contain toxic, highly toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, reproductive or fatal substances.
  • Chromium VI is not allowed in the leather.
  • The chemical preservation for transport and storage of skins is to be avoided. If unavoidable, the substances used must be non-toxic.
  • Azo dyes, carcinogenic, fungal, toxic, or heavy metal (cadmium, mercury, lead, nickel) dyes may not be used.
  • Special requirements for water consumption in leather production (not more than 25m³ / t for raw skins) and waste water treatment must be fulfilled.
  • Limit for leather emission must be fulfilled.

There are further regulations regarding the packaging material, the leather quality (usability) and the use and disposal.

Many of these requirements are already imposed by other regulations that are obligatory for all manufacturers of leather. Nevertheless, the overall result is a safer quality for the consumer.

The Blue Angel label should include the name of the leather manufacturer, to ensure that the correctness of the marking can be checked.

Any customer who receives a product with this label must receive the following information:

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