Vachetta leather

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Vachetta leather - Vachette leather

Vachetta leather is untreated Italian leather often used in luggage and handbag trimming. This leather, which stains easily and darkens in sunlight, has been popularized by high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton and Coach.

Vachetta leather or Vachette leather (from the French vache = cattle) is minimally greased, vegetable-tanned leather from thin hides of cattle. The leather is soft and has a thickness of 1-2 millimetres. It is also rarely chromium-tanned.

Vachette leather is natural coloured and mainly used for bags, suitcases and saddles. However, it is also offered pigmented and/or embossed.


Bags made of vachetta leather.


Vache leather

Vache leather is a vegetable-tanned cow leather, which is split and predominantly used as sole leather. In the English-speaking world, it often appears on leather bags.

Russet leather - Shaft leather

Russet leather is vegetable-tanned, greased leather, which is either natural or dyed. Russet leather is mainly used for working shoes and other shoe products subject to heavy use. Both the grain side and the flesh side (suede) can be worn outwards, which can be seen especially in mountain and hiking boots. Russet leather is also processed into bags and other leather goods.


Shaft leather.


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