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Calfskin is either of South American or European origin. The structure of calf leather is particularly firm and even. The grain is finer than that of the adult animals and it is one of the highest quality leathers.

A calf is under a year old and weighs less than 150 kilograms.

The number of hair pores in a calfskin remains the same throughout their life. On the same skin surface, calfskins have up to 3 to 3.5 times more pores as on cow hides.

Calf leather is used for shoes, clothing, book covers or bags.


Kalbsleder-001.jpg Kalbsleder-002.jpg

Kalbsleder-003.jpg Kalbsleder-004.jpg

'The grain structure of calfskin is finer than of adult animals.


Narbenunterschied-003.jpg Offenporig-002.jpg

De-Sede-Neck-001.jpg Pigmentierung-Poren-002.jpg

The grain structure of adult bovine animals.


Kalb-02.jpg Kuh-03.jpg Bulle-01.jpg

The older and larger the animal, the stronger the leather grain structure.



Soft bespoke calf leather shoe from Jacob, F. Shoes.


Box calf

Box calf is called chrome tanned calf leather. In the UK it must be black coloured.Box calf is used for making uppers for light men's and women's shoes. Partially also forbags and saddlery. Leather thickness: 0,7 - 1,5 mm.

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