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The rumen of a cow's stomach can also be processed into a type of leather, which is very rare. It has a three-dimensional hexagonal honeycomb structure which makes the leather both striking and unusual. The edges of this hexagonal structure can be ironed down as with salmon leather and can be provided with a colour layer. This makes the surface smoother, less sensitive and easier to clean and care for.

Rumen leather has been offered for sale on the internet as udder leather. But this was a mistake as processed cow udder is not known. Processed Bull testicles however, are known.

Kuhmagen-001.jpg Kuhpansen-01.jpg

Complete rumen skin.


Kuhmagen-Handtasche-001.jpg Kuhmagen-01-Ledermuseum-Offenbach.jpg

Left: Leather handbag with fish leather, main surface rumen leather (from the collection of Mrs. Ursula Kayser from Göttingen in Germany).

Right: From the collection of the DLM - German Leather Museum in Offenbach.



Mate mug from Argentina with rumen leather from 2012.


Kuhmagen-002.jpg Kuhmagen-003.jpg Kuhmagen-004.jpg

Rumen leather ironed flat.


Kuhmagen-006.jpg Kuhpansen-08.jpg

Rumen leather thicker and not ironed. The side walls of the honeycomb structure stand up.


Kuhmagen-Uhrenarmband-01.jpg Kuhmagen-Uhrenarmband.jpg Kuhmagen-Uhrenarmband-02.jpg

Ironed and not ironed rumen leather watch straps (Flat Iron Straps).




Cow stomach is also prepared as a dish.



It is not udder leather!


Barsch-06.jpg Barsch-09.jpg

The skin structure of the cow rumen resembles perch leather.


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