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Leather art of


Leather is a formable material and, for certain applications, it can therefore be deformed. Whether for embossing to achieve a surface change, or to obtain round shapes for hats or balls or as art work. Leather is also pre-formed for shoes or saddles to meet the requirements for use.

For the forming of leather, tools or moulds are required. But the processing temperature, the moisture of the leather during this processing, the pressure with which the leather is pressed into the mould and time also play key roles in how strongly and permanently the leather is deformed.

Mappe praegung14.jpg Praegung-Stuhl-03-2011-12.jpg

Formed by embossing: Antique leather chair.


Praegung-06-verstaerkt.jpg Fahrradsattel-Brooks-002.jpg

Deformation of the leather surface by embossing.


Lederhandtasche-Blatt-02.jpg Lederhandtasche-Blatt-01.jpg

Beautiful leather handbags made of deformed leather, seen at Pfeiffer Leather & Fashion.


Handtasche-verformt-04.jpg Handtasche-Haifischleder-02.jpg


It is unknown, if this leather bag is made of deformed leather or if it is leather of a special shark species.


Handtasche-verformt-001.jpg Handtasche-verformt-002.jpg

This leather has been so strongly deformed by an unknown technique that an unusually beautiful surface was created.


Lederball-Cricket-001.jpg Bolas-02.jpg

Rounding the leather as a cricket ball or as bolas (throwing weapon).


Figur-Leder-Pferd-01.jpg Eberleder-Holzkern-1715-für-Ludwig-den-XV-König-von-Frankreich-01-Ledermuseum-Offenbach.jpg

Right: Elephant with wooden core, covered with pig leather from Ludwig the XV, seen in the DLM - German Leather Museum in Offenbach.



Masken-001.jpg Lederkunst-Mexico-2015-12.jpg

Lederfigur1.jpg Verformung-02-Ledermuseum-Offenbach.jpg

Deformation of leather as art. The leather is hardened with a stiffening liquid over moulds and then dried.




Very strong three-dimensionality in a furniture leather.


Sattel-Fahrradl-Brooks-01.jpg Schuhe-002.jpg

Formed shoes and bike saddle.


Schutzhelm-Leder.jpg Leder-Verformung-001.jpg

Formed helmet and hats.



Special feature of this leather suitcase: The leather was seamlessly deformed into a suitcase (Sams & Son).



Buchbindung-Leder-01.jpg Buchbindung-Leder-03.jpg

The crucifixion, seen in the DLM - German Leather Museum in Offenbach. - Leather art on a leather book cover.


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